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PHG waares
Dawn Townend is the founder of PHG.  She has a degree in Applied Arts and an MA in Ceramics.  After her training Dawn worked for many years as a freelance artist exhibiting her own work.  Since settling on the Isle of Wight Dawn has delivered school and community workshops around the UK and for a brief time, in Kolkata, India.  Dawn continues to work on commissions for private and commercial clients.

In 2006, initially with 2 other artists, Dawn set up a small contemporary craft gallery. In 2009, this became PHG, located yards from the sea in the heart of Cowes.

It is now a space unlike anything else on the Isle of Wight.  A sophisticated store  with utility ware and contemporary design items softened by rare and beautiful antique or vintage pieces which create a ‘look’ which is both covetable & desirable without being precious.  The new incarnation ‘PHG Cowes’  is a collaborative venture between Dawn and interior architect Caryl Terlezki. Dawn says “working with Caryl has enabled me to hone the space with utilitarian principles and develop a more considered aesthetic.”

UK designer Caryl Terlezki has lived on Islands for the past 20 years, developing and designing commercial and residential properties.  From beach bars to luxury beach homes and mega-yachts she is well versed in the island habitat.  “Having sailed and lived on boats and in homes by the sea in the Mediterranean, the States, the West Indies and Virgin Islands, I have been heavily influenced by the beach and sea” she says.  “My style has evolved around this striking natural environment.” It is fitting she should find a design home again on the south coast, and particularly on the Isle of Wight!


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